“Come Up Higher” Lettering Print

“Come Up Higher” Lettering Print



Yesterday I woke up hearing this verse: “Ask, and I will give the nations to you for your inheritance…”

It made me wonder about the things I’m asking for.

Almost like the Lord was saying, “That’s it?”

I feel like the goals we set are sometimes too small or too easily attainable. We set goals that don’t require us to even ask the Lord to help with. I feel like He is personally calling me higher, and reminding me that it’s more fun to dream with Him than it is to acquire stuff, or accomplish things that don’t ultimately leave His mark on the world.

We experience feelings of unfullfillment when we let our life-standards drop below the place where we’re seated in Christ. Setting goals is good, and everyone should do it, but just remember that God won’t let you forget that you’re seated with Him, high above rulers and authorities—something that requires you to ask higher questions, have higher influence, and higher perspective. Maybe someone else could use the reminder too…

Prints are 12 X 12 inches, printed on high quality paper.

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